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Timber framing & timber product specialists.

Custom timber framing and timber product specialist Timbersmith Woodworks provides specialty timber services to clients worldwide. Based in Williams Lake, British Columbia, Timbersmith's client-first approach and dedication to quality over quantity have garnered us a 100% customer satisfaction rate and a leading role within the Timber Frame industry.

Our highly skilled woodworkers and builders share a passion for creating remarkable structures. We work with extremely high grade, kiln dried local timbers as well as air dried and unique reclaimed timbers. Be it large trusses for your new build, glulam for your storefront or reclaimed timber for your chalet, we have the knowledge and experience to help you select the perfect timber and the detailed craftsmanship to turn your timber dreams into reality.

Timbersmith Woodworks is a true foundation to furniture company where we can create anything from roof trusses and insulated wall systems, to staircases and cabinetry. Whether it's wood-to-wood joinery or wood to steel, our team has the advanced skill set to create the exact piece you require. We provide in-depth design, custom manufacturing, precision frame raising and communicative general contracting services to ensure your project remains both on time and on budget. Though we are based in British Columbia, we pride ourselves in being a sought-after timber supplier for the Pacific Northwest, Alberta, the Yukon, Washington State, Montana, Oregon, California and beyond.